Get The Best Internet Plan With The Best Internet Provider

Get The Best Internet Plan With The Best Internet Provider

With the rapid usage and development of technologies, problems with any internet service providers should not be happening anymore. If you are still struggling and encountering such problems, then I think this is the best place for you. We could see how there are so many internet providers that we already have all over, that means we have a lot of choices too right? This is why great choices and decisions should be made properly. With this, you should try ‘Jom Apply unifi fibre plan’.

Speaking of the best internet service provider, the only thing that you should have in mind should be the internet from Unifi. Have you heard about Unifi? It is one of the best internet providers that you could have either for household, offices or anywhere. 

Keep reading to learn more about Unifi and the advantages of using it as your internet service provider.

Everything You Have To Know About Unifi

What is Jom Apply?

Jom Apply is known as the best internet service provider in Malaysia with the top internet services that are worth every money that would be spent on it. It aims to bring all of our best service providers with the best deals, which are TM Unifi Malaysia and Maxis Malaysia. 

Great offers from Unifi

Being the best and reliable internet service provider, Unifi has the best and affordable internet service ever. Where they offer free 30 days internet for new subscribers! Unifi also offers you the most affordable but fast basic internet where it includes: 

  • 30 Mbps for only RM89 monthly.
  • 10 Mbps for upload speed.
  • Unlimited download.
  • 20sen/min for the TM  fix line rate.
  • 20sen/min for the mobile rate.
  • Get the free UniFi playTV Lite on every Watch on Mobile Apps.
  • But, no UniFi PlayTV box is included. 
  • No Dect phone included.

What will be included from the registration 

Compared to other internet services providers, UniFi shall be the best due to the top notch offers from them. If we often heard how there will be so many changes in bills or payments  once you have deal with any services provider, UniFi would definitely included these things where you apply here:

  • No extra charges for the installation and activation of the internet.
  • No extra charges for the dect phone.
  • No extra charges for wireless router.
  • No extra charges for UniFi TV Set-Top-Box (except 10Mbps plan)
  • No extra charges for UniFi playTV on 2 devices.

The installation processes

The installation processes are so simple, that it only consists of few steps, which are:

  • You just need to browse the UniFi plans to choose.
  • Select the plan you want and quickly apply for it.
  • Wait for the application to process.
  • The installation process will be scheduled for clients.
  • The processes will be done.

The advantages of applying internet with UniFi

There are a lot of advantages of applying internet with UniFi, and they are:

  • Could help you in saving a lot of time and cost.
  • There will be no upfront payment and hidden fees.
  • It is easy and affordable. 

Check out the internet plans from UniFi and apply now!

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