Consider Applying In Diploma For Medical Assistant

Consider Applying In Diploma For Medical Assistant

Applying in the medical field can be challenging and scary at first, but if it’s really your passion and motivation to be in the field, then you’ll eventually get through the first jitters. Besides, applying to be in the medical field does not mean you will graduate to be a doctor or a nurse. There are a few positions you can choose from other than being a doctor or a nurse, and one of the options is to be a medical assistant. Hence, if you’re interested to know more about what it means to be a medical assistant, then you can try to belajar diploma pembantu perubatan di Malaysia

Belajar Diploma Pembantu Perubatan di Malaysia

What is a medical assistant?

When going to the clinic or the hospital, or any healthcare centre, to make an appointment with a doctor, sometimes you will be led into an exam room to get your vitals checked and to explain a little bit more about your symptoms. That procedure is normally done by a medical assistant. A medical assistant’s job is to assist doctors by asking for relevant information about your symptoms and checking your vitals overall, but they are not allowed to give medical advice as they are only assistants. 

Other than checking vitals and asking for relevant information, what else does a medical assistant do?

It depends on the job that they are assigned to do. Most of the time, medical assistants would be involved in administration work, but sometimes they will be asked to do some clinical work too. You will normally meet one at the counter when you first enter the clinic, and sometimes you will encounter medical assistants drawing blood for you as a procedure for certain diagnoses. 

Administrative work

There is a list of administrative work that a medical assistant is required to do. Administrative work is essential as it helps in smooth appointment sessions, as well as managing insurance and billing expenses too. Some of the administrative tasks are as follows:

  • Greeting patients and their families 
  • Scheduling patients appointments
  • Managing arrangements for hospital visits, or for a laboratory test
  • Updating medical record forms
  • Updating insurance forms
Belajar Diploma Pembantu Perubatan di Malaysia

Clinical Work

Other than administrative work, medical assistants will also perform some clinical work required in the clinic, hospital or healthcare centres. Do note that they only perform simple procedures, and will assign patients to doctors if further diagnoses or procedures are needed. 

  • Assisting doctors during physical exams
  • Ask for relevant information regarding the patient’s symptoms
  • Drawing a patient’s blood for a laboratory test
  • Performing electrocardiograms, which is a heart tests, and other medical tests
  • Dispencing medications and managing prescriptions refill requests

So, if you’re interested to be in the medical field, but you might feel like you are not interested to be a doctor or a nurse, then you can try applying to be a medical assistant. By pursuing a diploma in medical assistant, you will receive both education and training, similar to what doctors and nurses go through, but not as detailed and as thorough compared to both doctors and nurses. Check out more information about medical assistants if this line of work piqued your interest!

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