Must-Have Equipment and Furniture in All Laboratories

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If you have ever been in any labs before, you must notice that the equipment and furniture are all the same. These items are a must-have for a laboratory to function well and safe. You have to at least witness some of them once at your school’s laboratory. If you want to set up a laboratory, you would need to get the best lab furniture manufacturers Malaysia so that you would be provided with the best products. High and good quality products can ensure your safety and effectiveness and we would look into the common items to have in a laboratory. 

Laboratory Furniture

Laboratory furniture is not like the furniture you see at home. They are fixed to fit the needs of a laboratory. A laboratory is where experiments and research are conducted so the items can be used to function. They can be used by researchers and chemists for their jobs which usually would involve hazardous substances and liquids. Therefore, this furniture is used for those purposes. For instance, in research and medical lab, many equipments is similar but can be used for various purposes. 

Common Laboratory Equipment and Furniture

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This equipment can be purchased through credible and trusted suppliers. We might be aware that they should be of good quality and have the qualifications before you are able to purchase them. Although the process of setting up a laboratory might take a while, you need to ensure that everything is in good condition and you have the proper furniture and equipment. These are among the common equipment and furniture that you can find in a laboratory:

  • Fume Hood or Laboratory Hood

A fume hood is basically a ventilation device, which means it is designed in order to restrict exposure to precarious specks of dust, odours and vapours. Since you are in a laboratory, it is common to see this kind of furniture. It is to ensure that the particles won’t be spread in the air.

  • Lab Tables and Benches

Laboratory tables and benches you normally see are often made of stainless steel. The reason why is some substances can be very dangerous and chemical substances especially might be spilt on the table. If you use wood or other unsuitable material, it might be a menace for those who are in the lab since the liquid can permeate. 

  • Microscopes

Even if this item is not mentioned, you might know well that they are parts of the essentials of a laboratory. Microscopes are used to inspect minute objects that cannot be seen with your bare eyes such as cells, viruses and bacteria.

  • Test Tubes

A laboratory should not be called a lab if these items are not present. Test tubes are typically made of glass and used to handle chemical substances and fluids. They are very durable to these hence why they are widely used. There are different types of tubes available according to their tube caps’ colours. 

Getting started in a laboratory business is not easy as there are numerous processes to go through. However, it might be a wonderful journey when the laboratory is ready to be used and contributes to the research and findings.

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