A Good Property Available in Semenyih


You must be planning to buy a property! Is this for business or for your future family? Most bachelors these days are more responsible. They plan ahead for their future and the future of their family. While they are still single, they want to buy a property, knowing that it will be harder for them to do so, once they already have a family and added responsibilities.

You must be from the location mentioned above or somewhere closer. Semenyih is actually a good place and can be better for your family. It has important landmarks like schools, hospitals, and many others, and thus living here should be just fine.

And the good news is, right now, there is a property for sale in this area, and it is a two-storey building. Yes, if you plan to have a big family someday like you want 3 to 4 kids, this should be perfect. Or this is also most suitable if you want to bring your parents with you, as the property comes with 4 beds.

Aside from the 4 beds, here are more details about the property:

·         A terrace house

·         Fully furnished with trendy appliances

·         With two parking spaces

·         Freehold

·         3 baths

·         Kitchen is extended

·         Gated and guarded

·         Comes with amazing amenities like a playground for your future kids, mini market, and still a lot more.

The location is likewise perfect as it is accessible to important other locations like Jalan Semenyih, Lekas highway, Silk highway, and Kajang town. There will be a lot of people who will love to rent the property if you decide to use this for business as there are so many things to do in this part of the country. Some of these are the following:

·         Trekking in Bukit Broga Hill

This is just perfect for a family adventure. One just needs to ensure he will come with the right type of shoes as sometimes; the terrain can be slippery. If you get lucky, you will be able to view the carpet cloud. One thing though is that you will experience a great aerial view.

·         Aves World Broga

Do you love animals? If you do, this will be a time of your life for sure as here you will find different types of animals being taken care of.

·         Sungai Tekala Forest

Great for the entire family, especially since entrance fees are just cheap. There are also ample places for vehicles, so there should be no problem, and most of all, the rivers are safe for kids. This is the best place to check out for those who are adventurous, yet don’t want to spend a huge amount just for fun.


Yes, investing in a property is one of the best ways to financially secure your future as well as that of your family. And if you don’t want the property anymore and you also don’t want it to give to anybody, you can resell it and for sure, it will be at a better price compared to the amount you will pay for it. 

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