Characteristics of Floating Hose and How To Fix

Floating hose is easily damaged. Therefore, Altus Malaysia have floating hose repair in Malaysia. Let’s see what is the floating hose characteristics.

floating hose repair in Malaysia

1.The outside cover consists of a rubber substance that is highly resistant to weathering, UV rays, and ozone.

2. Dredge hoses that carry abrasive material can be equipped with wear indicator layers.

3. Water absorption is prevented by a single foam layer floating on top. Not less than 20% of the entire volume of the hose emerges above the water.

4. Special flanges can be ordered.

5. Bending angle: The bending angle ranges from 0° to +45° under operating conditions.

Dredge hoses that float are made up of many layers. A floating body that is laterally shielded by a reinforced rubber shell guards the inner discharge hose. There are several options accessible.

  • Application: Our floating dredge hoses are designed to discharge sea water, sand, and other dredging materials from ports and docks. They are frequently employed in the process of building docks and ports.
  • Inner layer: good rubber with high grade abrasion resistance
  • Climate: -13°F to 176°F (-25°C to +80°C)
  • 4:1 safety factor

Different sorts of aquatic bodies employ floating hoses (sea, lake and smaller pools of water). They are most frequently used for things like loading and unloading petroleum at ports, moving crude oil from an oil rig to a ship, moving potable water to a ship, refueling ships, moving dredge waste (sand and gravel) from dredgers, etc.

The hose is kept floating and is easily visible to prevent damage from the ship’s propeller and to enable steering.

Floating Hose Repair

floating hose repair in Malaysia

Floating hose management, operation, and maintenance equipment may all be provided by Altus Malaysia. FPSO to tanker petroleum fluid transportation via a single carcass floating hose.

The first integrally floating offshore oil hose was called SELFLOTE. It gets dirty and damaged most of the time. All of the floating hose equipment offered by Altus Malaysia is audited by the oil majors and includes LNG.

The floating hose gear offered by Altus Malaysia includes:

  • Aquatic hoses
  • gaskets and bolts
  • whirling lights
  • bolstering buoys
  • such as hoisting, snubbing, and hang-off chains, are hose auxiliary equipment.
  • end valves for hoses
  • Documentation

provision of spare components

In order to keep the necessary stock at the shore base to facilitate efficient hose operations and to be ready to assemble/disassemble the unloading line upon request, we may provide any missing components after any assembly or disassembly operation.

A comprehensive stock inventory would be performed, and the minimum spares necessary in accordance with industry standards would be the subject of a gap analysis.

Stock Control

Additionally, Altus Malaysia has the authority to manage stock. To prevent operations from being hampered by a shortage of equipment, we may provide a fully comprehensive service that maintains, regulates, and evaluates stock levels.

We also do other things. All parts of the work to be done can be covered by methods created by Altus Malaysia, including:

  • Disconnecting and reconnecting the hose
  • Towing technique
  • Cleaning and disassembling a hose
  • HSE test for OCIMF plan
  • project schedule
  • Storage for hose
  • database for hose (if required)

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