cargo handling services in Malaysia

Cargo handling can be a real hassle when you don’t have all the information. That is why it is crucial to do as much research as possible before committing yourself to a particular company. Not doing so could result in loss or damages to the cargo that would incur unnecessary charges for the customer.  There are quite a few companies that are dedicated to ensuring the highest level of care is taken to guarantee the customer’s satisfaction. Here are a few companies that are responsible for cargo handling services in Malaysia

Smart Freight

Smart Freight happens to be Malaysia’s most widely recognized delivery provider. They integrate the services of the top freight carriers in the world under just one access point. This provides their customers the chance to conserve time, effort and resources on their logistics needs. Some of their services include air freight, sea freight as well as customs clearance services, thus ensuring that the customer can fulfil all their cargo handling needs under one roof. 


cargo handling services in Malaysia

MAB Kargo Sdn Bhd or MASkargo happens to be the cargo arm for Malaysia Airlines which does everything from express handling to cargo transhipment. They serve close to a hundred destinations all over the world and make it a point to go above and beyond for their loyal customers.  They are capable of efficiently handling the various cargo needs of their customers and what sets them apart from their competition are the distinguishing added services they offer such as the 6-star pet hotel as well as the Halal Logistics Zone (HAL Zone). Amenities such as these show that MASkargo is dedicated in ensuring that they remain the top choice in their customers’ minds. 

TNT Malaysia

TNT Malaysia has been delivering the promise of satisfaction to their customers for over 70 years without fail. They take great pains to deliver packages, parcels, documents and freight consignments with the utmost levels of care and patience. They call themselves the People Network simply because they are ready and willing to go the extra mile in order to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for the customers. 

Altus Malaysia

cargo handling services in Malaysia

Altus Malaysia was founded more than a decade ago and formed part of the Altus Logistics Group Network. Starting with just three personnel, they rose through the ranks and has since become a trusted provider of cargo handling needs. With offices and bases in locations such as Labuan, Bintulu, Miri, Kuantan and Johor, they are well on their way to conquering the market. Marine Solutions, Oilfield Solutions and Logistics Solutions make up their three core segments and customer satisfaction is the promise that they make. 

At Altus, satisfaction can be strongly guaranteed as they work hard to ensure creative and innovative solutions for their customers. Years of experience and learning have equipped them with everything they need to ensure the success of the customer and the success of the customer is a success for Altus. 

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