How To Secure Your Internet Connection

How To Secure Your Internet Connection

The internet is a vast space filled with entertainment, news, information, and people. It connects individuals from all over the world and allows them to interact with each other freely. The internet seems to have integrated into society seamlessly, as almost everything can be done with the internet nowadays. In fact, some things can’t even be achieved without internet connections. It is almost too good to be true.

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However, just like everyone else on this planet, it has its pros and cons. The internet’s pros outweigh the cons in many ways. That does not mean we overlook the consequences the cons can have to our lives. The most concerning con, having our private and sensitive details online. Having access to the internet allows us to tap into the limitless possibilities it offers. But, if it is not secured properly, it can ruin our lives in an instant. 

As fun as the internet can be, it can have its issues as well. Hackers are capable of latching onto your network and stealing data from it. They are skilled in ways we, as average people, can’t even imagine. They understand the ins and outs of technology and the internet because they are knowledgeable in the area.

So, how do we secure the internet and protect ourselves from these hackers? Here are a few ways you could follow to stay ahead of these hackers.

Have strong passwords

When you have installed your new router into your home, you need to change the password immediately. Passwords are the stronghold that secures outsiders from using your network. You need to use a strong password that is difficult to solve or encrypt. Avoid using significant dates in your lives, this can be easily found out through your socials. Instead, ensure that it is a sequence of random numbers, alphabets, and characters. Do include special characters such as apostrophe, question mark, hashtags, and exclamation marks. This makes it even secure as it is unpredictable. Mix these characters and alphabets at random order and you have a strong password. Remember the password, but if it is too hard for you, write it down somewhere in physical form. Avoid noting it down in your notes app or taking a picture. These two things are susceptible to hacking, and can be accessed more easily than you think. 

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If you think your network is compromised, and a strong password won’t make any difference, use a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN’s purpose is to hide data from others. It allows you to use a secure network that can’t be accessed as easily as the internet can be. Although, it will cost you some money, as most VPNs do not come free. If you are handling very sensitive information, then this is the best option. It is the only way to ensure that you data and information is safe from hackers. 

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