Types Of Tableware

Types Of Tableware

Here we are, in the world of fancy. This is something that not many of us are concerned about, while some of us are quite particular about it. I’m sure you’re still confused, let me explain. I am talking about tableware. When we think about it, everyone has tableware. This is quite obvious, since what would we eat if we don’t have tableware? 

However, not all of us have tableware that matches each other. Some of us have tableware that is mismatched, while others don’t have the whole set. Of course, it’s not a must to have a whole complete set of tableware. Nevertheless, if you want to have guests over during the festival season and entertain them, you might want to be battle-ready. Here are a few types of tableware that you might want to have in your armourie. 

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Serveware, like its name, refers to plates, bowls and dishes that you are going to serve your guest with. Simply put, the food prepared will be plated on serveware before the guests take them for their own. Serveware consists of salad bowls, serving bowls, ladles, serving spoons, tongs, soup pots, casseroles and many more. 


Dinnerware is the opposite of serveware. It refers to the plates and bowls people use to eat with. Some examples I can give you are dinner plates, dessert plates, soup plates or bowls, appetiser plates, as well as bread and butter plates. Though their uses may vary, they all serve the purpose of being plates for us to eat with.


Silverware is also utensils that we use to eat with. Basically, they are crockery. Forks, spoons, knives and more. When preparing silverware, you should consider the patterns on the crockery, this way it will match with all your plates. Here’s a tip, the easiest way to get crockery that matches with your dinnerware is to get ones that have no patterns on them and only have a smooth surface. You can also match your crockery in terms of sizes of course. There are dessert forks and spoons, soup spoons, dinner forks and spoons, salad forks, and so on. 


Finally, we have drinkware, which is utensils that we use to drink from. Some examples are mugs, cups, glasses. This drinkware is used differently depending on what you’re drinking. Glasses for champagne and wine, cups for tea and coffee, mugs for water and juice. 

So, what are you waiting for? Host events and celebrate with style by having matching serveware. You can now buy serveware online in Malaysia from Tupperware. 

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