Having An Internet In Your House Is Much Needed Than Before


The Covid-19 pandemic has really forced us to come out and change many industries across the globe. During the times of pre-covid, we didn’t know that some jobs are able to WFH (work from home). Not just that, even now the education centre has also adapted to the situation by making students have a virtual class session. Back then, none of us would think that this is possible. Now, with everyone all at home for either work or attending online classes. It is time to upgrade your internet package for a higher internet speed as you and your family members will be “snatching” the wifi.

Here is what you need to know when you want to upgrade your house wifi.


The first one does not require you to actually change your internet speed plan. If your house wifi internet connection is good enough. Then you should not need to upgrade. However, in order to make the internet connection better in your room or workspace, you can consider getting a wifi mesh to boost the connectivity and provide uninterrupted wifi in your home. If you are looking to get a wifi mesh for your home. You can consider getting a TM Unifi Wifi Mesh.


In order to check which wifi plan best suits you. Be sure to survey around by checking the price for each internet provider in Malaysia.


If you plan to upgrade your wifi speed in your home, be sure to check if the next wifi plan you plan to pay and upgrade has more value than the one that you are currently using. Make sure to keep an eye out for attractive deals. For example, if a company offers a cheaper and faster internet package with an additional smartphone, take it.


It is important to get an internet package from a reputable company that offers good internet connectivity. You do not want to upgrade your internet package with a company that is known for having connection disruption. By getting the one that is suitable for your area, it will save you the hassle in the future.


It is time to upgrade your wifi router if you are using outdated technology such as WiFi 4. With the new WiFi 6, it is much better at retaining top wifi speed and capable of channelling at least 9.6GBPS across multiple channels. 

We hope that this article has been helpful for you. Remember to contact your internet provider for professional advice from them, and also the best quote to upgrade your internet package.

The list below is to show the top best internet providers in Malaysia

  • Time Fibre Business Internet
  • Unifi Business Fiber Broadband
  • Unifi AirTM
  • Maxis OneBusiness Fibre
  • Celcom Business Wireless
  • Celcom Business AllShare
  • Go Digi WiFi
  • U Mobile Postpaid Broadband
  • Yes SoHo
  • YTL Broadband Bbiz

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