Nursing: 5 Reasons To Choose This Profession

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According to the recommendation of the WHO – World Health Organization, 2 nurses are needed for every thousand inhabitants in order to ensure good care for the population. Unfortunately, in Malaysia this number is lower than expected, with only 1.43 per thousand.

If you are interested in charting your professional path in the health area, in this post you will find 5 reasons to invest in a nursing career.

1- Career

Nursing is crucial for the health system. By placing themselves at the forefront of patient care and treatment, nurses are among the most trusted and respected professionals according to a survey conducted in the kolej jururawat. Standing in front of doctors, nurses occupied first place, with 93% of the vote.

The health area has a great demand for qualified labor, in addition to constant turnover. Therefore, regardless of the area of interest, there will always be opportunities, and it is up to the professional to keep up to date and always seek to renew their knowledge and skills through specializations and courses.

Some of the possibilities of action are clinical care, management and administration, auditing, self-employment, academic areas and research.

2 – Nursing practice areas

Nursing is divided into three main areas: public, academic and hospital. Thus, professionals have a wide range of opportunities and one of the main advantages is being able to adapt their tastes and aptitudes to the various areas available.

From the main specialties, we separated the 6 most sought after in the hospital environment.

The most valued of these is ICU Nursing (adult and neonatal) – here, the intensive care nurse is responsible for patient care from admission to discharge; he must be prepared to face highly complex situations, emergency and urgent cases, in addition to being aware of all the techniques of the intensive care unit.

Neonatal and pediatric nursing – the demand for professionals in this area is very high. Like the intensivist, a great knowledge of care in the ICU is needed – especially technique and communication skills for family support.

Operating room management – this professional is responsible for handling surgical instruments, sterilization, anesthetic recovery, team support, among others. To continue in this specialization, the professional needs to be constantly updated on hospital protocols, staff and material management.

Emergency nursing – with a high demand for qualified professionals, emergency nursing is responsible for the first contact with the patient, needing to collect the medical history, perform physical examinations and make the patient-family contact. This professional needs to be alert, keep up to date and have very specific technical knowledge.

Cardiology and Hemodynamics – due to the aging of the population and the increase in life expectancy of Malaysiaians, this area has shown great growth in recent years. The professional needs to specialize in clinical and surgical care, focused on cardiac and interventional care.Finally, Nephrology Nursing – focused on the treatment of kidney patients, this area requires professionals capable of recognizing kidney symptoms and diseases, providing humanized care, since most of these patients have a chronic nature.

kolej jururawat

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