How to Feed Your Baby or Child 

Maybe by following the following tips, it will to some extent help you make mealtimes more meaningful.

When done incorrectly, feeding the baby can be a disaster. When coping with their loved ones’ greed, papa and mama must have a lot of patience. Mealtimes for children should be anticipated. Make mealtime a lot of fun since it will make your job a lot easier.

Don’t make them spend a bowl of oatmeal just to make you happy. Mealtimes will be traumatizing for the baby as a result. Also, choose the best Feeding bottle malaysia for your kids. 

Following the suggestions below may help you make mealtimes more meaningful to some extent.

1. The Child Is Comfortable

First and foremost, make sure that your baby is comfortable when you are feeding them. Crib the baby while feeding him. Raise the head slightly so that he can eat more comfortably. To keep your baby’s clothes clean, use a bib. Once the baby is comfortable and able to sit, place them in the baby’s dining chair each time it’s time to eat.

2. Appropriate Food

Second tip on this list is that the first food you introduce to the baby must be really soft and not too flavorful. Usually, in the early stages, babies will be more comfortable accepting rice porridge because of the texture and taste as if it were milk.

3. Not Too Hot

After that, baby food should not be too hot and cold. It’s enough to just be lukewarm. Also, do not feed too much food at one time. Feed your child little by little. This will make it easier for the child to learn to swallow food and at the same time learn to eat using a spoon and not through a milk bottle.

4. Be Patient

Moreover, the first time feeding a child does require a lot of patience. Your child will not easily accept the food given. Probably because he’s not used to eating. So, take your time. Don’t be too pushy. Teach your child to eat slowly so that everything goes smoothly.

5. Keep It Clean

Furthermore, make sure all utensils used including food are clean of any impurities to prevent your baby from having a stomach ache. This needs to be taken seriously so that the baby does not feel jealous to eat. Remember, feeding children is to make them healthier and not get sick.

6. Make Sure The Baby Is Hungry

Many argue that the best time to feed babies is after they wake up in the morning. Probably between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m. At this time, the baby will usually feel hungry. To prevent the baby from being shocked and feeling safe, give them some milk first before continuing with the feeding.

7. Train The Baby To Eat Themselves 

The same is the case with education in teaching children to be independent to eat on their own. Parents need to teach children the right way to ensure the child is able to eat on their own. Let’s practice the method below.

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