Lansinoh- Best Nipple Shields in the Business.

Lansinoh- Best Nipple Shields in the Business.

best nipple shields in Malaysia

Breastfeeding is a natural process, but it isn’t always easy for new mothers and that is completely natural! Breastfeeding has the potential to be difficult in the beginning, but that does not mean that one should abandon it. A new mother and her infant might need some assistance to get into a routine, but it is not as impossible and daunting as people make it out to be. One of the most common remedies employed to deal with this is the breastfeeding nipple shield. Lansinoh makes the best nipple shields in Malaysia. Moms and lactation experts alike swear by the company’s nipple shields. It is a godsend and helps manage those tumultuous first few weeks.  

What and How? 

A breastfeeding nipple shield is a silicone “nipple” that a mother can place over her nipple to assist her baby when they try to latch. These are soft and flexible, so they do not irritate the mother’s sensitive skin. The suction cup-like design allows the nipple shield to remain in place. If the baby experiences difficulty in sucking, the hole on the tip of each shield will facilitate the flow of the milk.  

While a breastfeeding nipple shield is not exactly necessary, it can help mothers who are experiencing troubles with their newborns and their inability to latch on. A newborn might be struggling to latch for a myriad of reasons. One or both of the mother’s nipples might be inverted or straight up flat. Premature babies and babies who are born tongue-tied might also face difficulties. Some babies experience breast refusal as well. The cause for this particular phenomenon is, however, unknown.


Another use of the nipple shield is nipple protection. Many mothers experience cracked and sore nipples which may add to the discomfort of breastfeeding. Nipple shields protect the mother’s nipples while allowing them to heal. 

best nipple shields in Malaysia

How to Get Started. 

Experts recommend consulting with a trained lactation consultant before getting started. They might suggest trying alternative nursing postures as a first solution. If a nipple shield is recommended, a lactation consultant will be able to provide new mothers with detailed instructions, as using one incorrectly can lead to further nursing complications down the road.

To utilize a nipple shield, the mother must first ensure that it is securely in place. If she is having difficulties keeping it on her nipple, wet the underside with warm water before sticking it on. This will help it stick better.

If the nipple shield is foggy and slipping off when the infant is latching, it could be due to breast milk residue or nipple cream. Keeping a nipple shield clean is the best method to ensure that it stays in place. Using a drop of dish soap and some water, raise the surface well in order to clean it.  

Above all, lactation professionals emphasize that nipple shields should only be used temporarily and under the careful supervision of a lactation consultant who can advise mothers on sizing and general use. The idea is to quit utilizing these products once all the problems related to it have been remedied.

best nipple shields in Malaysia

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