Natural Remedies For Common Illnesses

Natural Remedies For Common Illnesses

They say that nature is a healer; that we can find almost everything we need to help us with our sicknesses and health problems. Many modern doctors agree that there are natural elements that have a wonderful effect on health. Their properties are great at treating various ailments. While these do not assist in serious cases that require, for example, dialysis or surgical attention, they provide some pain relief and immunity boosts against viruses and bacteria. Many supplements, medicines and ointments are based on elements found in nature, with the help of science to make them edible or absorbent by the body. For example, Proganic traditional Chinese medicine TCM in Malaysia includes natural herbs that help break down fatty molecules around the kidney, making it a great help to hepatitis patients. Here is a list of some of the organic medicines that have helped many people and continue to be used in communities for their healing.

Lemon And Honey

Whether eaten or added to tea, lemon and honey have several immediate uses. Lemon is a citrus fruit that is often used to ease colds and expedite the healing process. Its provision of vitamin C also makes it an extra boost against common cold viruses. Honey has been used to unblock noses, soothe sore or itchy throats and restore voice loss. It is also used in some cultures to keep wounds from infection because it has antibacterial properties. Lemon and honey are easily accessible, however finding the pure honey proves to be trickier in some markets because it is sometimes mixed with sugar to increase the sweetness and the contents of the container. Therefore, ensure when you make your purchases that you check the label for 100% pure honey.

Proganic traditional Chinese medicine TCM in Malaysia


Yogurt contains lactic acid and good bacteria. This is one of the reasons it is popular for treating mild yeast infections in women. The yoghurt often used is natural and plain and thus provides the best form of bacteria and acidity to help tackle the yeast. While women often turn to applying it to the affected area, doctors recommend eating it instead to combat the yeast, because natural yoghurts can contain sugars and make the issue worse.

The Outdoors

Yes. It is an odd one, but being outside works wonders for mental and physical health. While it may not be the ultimate cure for many people, it is effective in reducing the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and certain deficiencies. A healthy exposure to fresh air and the sun can ultimately help your body filter out bad bacteria and help your healing process. Taking a few minutes outside, allowing yourself to be immersed in the natural elements can ultimately do much good. Learn to take some time outside to alleviate stress. Walk for a bit to help you with fat loss, or simply to enjoy your own company.

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