Tips To Survive Online Classes

Tips To Survive Online Classes

These past two years, we have been exposing ourselves to online classes. We no longer have to go to class every morning and get ready for the day. At first online classes seems like a dream come true for everyone, I mean come on all we have to do is get up from our bed and open our laptops. That is how easy online classes are, however, after years of online learning we realize that it is hard and we wish that we can have normal learning as soon as possible. 

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Everyone has to attend class online. Even students that are taking ijazah pembantu perubatanhave to attend their class through Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. There is no argument, that online learning is hard for everyone but after years of online learning we have come out with some tips to make online classes easier and bearable for everyone. 

Here are some tips, for all students to survive online classes. 

  1. Wake up early 

I know it sounds hard, but waking up early and getting ready to go to your online classes will make you feel like you are really going to attend physical classes. Waking up early will set your brain that you are ready to receive new knowledge and it will give you more time to be prepared. 

  1. Take notes 

If before this we always take notes in our class, keep it up and do the same thing even with online classes. Make sure that you have a notebook and pen with you during class and jot down every important detail that your lecturer or teacher is saying on the screen.

  1. Stay away from any distraction 

It is easy to get distracted while we are learning. Before this, the only distraction is probably our friends but now that we are at home, we have a lot of distractions. So, to stay focus make sure that you are somewhere with no distractions. Tell your family members that you are in class and you need to be focusing on that. 

  1. Make a to-do list 

Keeping up with all of your homework and assignment can be hard. To make sure that you are not missing out on any deadlines, make a to-do list with every important thing that you need to do and prepare for. Write every task you have like your assignments, your presentation, and your test. Having a to-do list will help you stay on track and not procrastinate. 

  1. Keep in touch with your classmates 

You will still have classmates even with online classes. So, stay in touch and contact them once in a while. Asked if they need any help and don’t be shy to ask for help from them. Remember, you need to be able to work together if you want to succeed. 

  1. Take care of yourselves 

It can be hard and overwhelming to keep your study on top of its performance during this pandemic. So, take a rest if you need to and don’t be hard on yourself. Keeping your grades is important but taking care of your well-being is more important. If you need someone to talk to, you can reach out to your family, friends, or any professional helps. 

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